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February 06, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

  1. Know the law

THC & CBN cannabinoids are a class B substance and selling, or being in possession of these, can lead to 5 years imprisonment.  Make sure the brand you choose understands the law.  Many brands misunderstand the facts.  For a CBD oil to be legal in the UK it has to contain fewer than 1mg of THC/CBN per individual product. And the CBD has to be derived from plants which contain less than 0.2% THC.

A common misconception within the UK industry is that each product must contain less than 0.2% which is false. A 1000mg CBD oil with 0.2% THC/CBN would contain double the legal limit at 2mg.  All of our oils are <0.01 % THC/CBN regardless of CBD strength.

  1. The Ingredients

Are there any unnecessary ingredients?  Sweeteners or stabilisers for example.  There is no need for artificial additives with premium CBD.  Mother CBD Oils contain 3 simple ingredients – MCT coconut oil, Cannabis Sativa L and Natural flavouring (where there is a flavour).

  1. Company Reputation

With the popularity of CBD – many companies are popping up looking to make quick money.  They may be cutting corners.  Take a look at their social media, read reviews and most importantly – ensure they have third party lab reports easily accessible on their website. 

  1. How easy are they to contact?

With so many CBD brands operating online only – make sure there are numerous ways to contact your brand of choice.  Many customers buy inadequate products and are left in the dark when it comes to queries or returns.  A good test is before purchase, reach out to the company with any questions. Personally, we would only buy from those companies who are available to engage with their customers.  Look for brands that offer phone, email, chat bots etc.

  1. Ethics

Ecommerce business create an awful lot of waste with plastic containers, packaging and sourcing ingredients from far away.  Mother CBD source the majority of their hemp from EU certified farms and use compostable seal stickers, FSC certified boxes and labels, compostable and biodegradable packaging fillers for our boxes and donate money to Greenpeace for every purchase.  Make sure the brand you choose are doing their bit to reduce landfill waste.

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