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November 26, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

CBD gummies are an excellent method for taking CBD discreetly and easily.  They taste good- you just pop it in your mouth – there’s no awkward dropping of oil under your tongue from an ancient looking pipette (Mother CBD use sprays for greater ease, by the way). 

Gummies are the opposite of the typical CBD oil (bitter tasting and difficult to administer).  In fact, the first time a team member tried to take CBD using a pipette, without the use of a mirror – they ended up with a mouthful of oil so full, it was impossible to hold under their tongue and oil dripped from their mouth demonstrating just how uncouth those pesky pipettes can be.  Don’t even get us started on the force sometimes needed to propel ALL of the oil into your mouth.  All we can say is – don’t breathe in when squeezing – we can attest that we are not designed to breath oil.

So why not toss the CBD oil straight into the bin?  Throw that pipette back to the time of which it came?

Well, like anything in life – when something is easy it isn’t necessarily the best option, always.  Gummies certainly have their place in your CBD regime but they shouldn’t be your only method of delivery.

You see, gummies/edibles have to go via your digestive system which slows down the time taken to feel effect – and it also limits absorption compared to taking CBD sublingually (oil under the tongue).  In fact – gummies/edibles can take up to 30 – 120 minutes to feel the effects of CBD compared to oils which take a mere 5 – 20 minutes to get working. So, if you’re after faster results then gummies should not be your go-to option.

Mother only sell CBD oil equipped with a spray to ensure accurate dosage and ease of use whilst on the go.  We also extract our oils in a way that ensures zero bitterness which often puts people off from taking CBD.  Stay with us here - there is a point (not just a sales pitch). Whilst our oils do taste great compared to many other premium brands - they are unsweetened and therefore cannot compete in flavour with deliciously sweet CBD gummies.   This is where gummies come into their own.  If you are used to supplementing with other sweet products – or generally have a sweet tooth, then gummies are your go-to product.

If you are also looking to take CBD discreetly - even a CBD spray is not ideal.  At best – people will think you have bad breath and are using a breath spray.  Gummies are an excellent way to take CBD undetected.  You’ll go under the radar of even the nosiest of neighbour.  If you choose Mother CBD gummies, they may enquire as to where you got your massive jelly tot from.  Just say, ‘last one’ and make your hasty retreat.

We find gummies fit seamlessly into any CBD regime.  We recommend using a spray of CBD oil in the morning and at night and carrying gummies for an on-the-go ease of use method during the day when out about.  If you’re reading this during some COVID-19 related restriction (or you’re in jail or similar) then I suppose being discreet isn’t essential. We digress.

Try Mother CBD gummies and take 10% off with code MotherGblog10.  Mother CBD gummies are naturally coloured and flavoured.  They’re a potent 20mg CBD per gummy.  They taste great and they are made with a broad spectrum of unique cannabis compounds (not isolate).  Oh, and our gummies are fairly priced, too – among the most (if not the most) competitive in the market for lab tested premium CBD.


Thank you for reading our article, CBD gummies- should you take them?